Navigating Spanish Immigration Options: Golden Visa, Beckham Law, and Non-Lucrative Visa

Non Lucrative Visa Spain

Spain is an attractive destination for expatriates due to its rich culture, favorable climate, and high quality of life. For those considering relocation, understanding the various visa options is crucial. This article explores three popular pathways: the Golden Visa Spain, Beckham Law Spain, and the Non Lucrative Visa Spain.


Relocating to Spain offers a wealth of opportunities, whether for work, retirement, or investment. Spain provides several visa options to cater to different needs and circumstances. Among these, the Golden Visa Spain, Beckham Law Spain, and the Non-Lucrative Visa Spain stand out as prominent choices. Each has unique requirements and benefits, making it essential to choose the one that best suits your situation.

Golden Visa Spain: The Investor’s Gateway

What is the Golden Visa Spain?

The Golden Visa Spain is designed to attract foreign investment into the country. Introduced in 2013, this visa offers residency to non-EU nationals who make a significant investment in Spanish real estate, businesses, or government bonds.

Eligibility and Requirements

To qualify for the Golden Visa Spain, applicants must meet one of the following investment criteria:

  • Purchase real estate in Spain worth at least €500,000.
  • Invest a minimum of €1 million in Spanish companies.
  • Deposit €1 million in a Spanish bank.
  • Acquire €2 million in Spanish government bonds.

Additionally, applicants must have no criminal record, valid health insurance in Spain, and sufficient financial means to support themselves and their family.

Benefits of the Golden Visa Spain

The Golden Visa Spain offers several advantages:

  • Residency for the investor and their immediate family members.
  • Freedom to travel within the Schengen Zone.
  • No requirement to reside in Spain for a minimum number of days, allowing flexibility.
  • Pathway to permanent residency and Spanish citizenship.

Beckham Law Spain: Tax Benefits for Foreign Professionals

Understanding Beckham Law Spain

The Beckham Law Spain, officially known as the Special Expatriate Tax Regime, was introduced in 2005 to attract high-earning foreign professionals. Named after the famous footballer David Beckham, who benefited from this regime during his time in Spain, it offers significant tax advantages to eligible expatriates.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Beckham Law Spain, individuals must meet the following conditions:

  • Be employed in Spain under a Spanish employment contract.
  • Not have been a tax resident in Spain for the ten years prior to the application.
  • Apply within six months of beginning work in Spain.

Tax Advantages

Under the Beckham Law Spain, eligible expatriates are taxed at a flat rate of 24% on their Spanish-source income up to €600,000, and at 47% on any income exceeding this amount. Foreign income is generally exempt from Spanish taxation, providing a considerable tax saving for high-income earners.

Duration and Renewal

The special tax regime under the Beckham Law Spain can be applied for a maximum of six years. After this period, individuals become subject to standard Spanish tax rates.

Non-Lucrative Visa Spain: Ideal for Retirees and Non-Workers

What is the Non-Lucrative Visa Spain?

The Non-Lucrative Visa Spain is tailored for non-EU nationals who wish to reside in Spain without engaging in any professional activities. This visa is particularly popular among retirees and individuals with independent financial means.

Requirements for the Non-Lucrative Visa Spain

To obtain the Non-Lucrative Visa Spain, applicants must demonstrate the following:

  • Sufficient financial resources to support themselves without working. This typically means an income of at least €2,259 per month for the primary applicant, plus an additional €564 per month for each dependent.
  • Comprehensive health insurance valid in Spain.
  • No criminal record in their country of origin or in Spain.
  • Proof of accommodation in Spain.

Advantages of the Non-Lucrative Visa Spain

Holders of the Non-Lucrative Visa Spain enjoy several benefits:

  • Residency in Spain with the ability to travel within the Schengen Zone.
  • Potential to renew the visa and eventually apply for permanent residency.
  • No obligation to make a significant financial investment in Spain.


Spain offers a variety of visa options tailored to different needs, whether you are an investor, a high-earning professional, or someone seeking to enjoy retirement. The Golden Visa Spain provides a pathway for significant investors, while the Beckham Law Spain offers substantial tax benefits for foreign professionals. The Non-Lucrative Visa Spain is an excellent choice for those who wish to live in Spain without working. Understanding these options can help you make an informed decision about your move to this vibrant and diverse country.

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