Future of Home Care: Medical Equipment and Patient Care at Home in 2024

home care medical equipment, mobility aids and equipment
home care medical equipment, mobility aids and equipment

In 2024, the home care medical equipment and mobility aid market is expected to change due to advancement in technologies and new trends are expected to take place which is expected to transform the way the patients take the treatment. In this read, we not only explore the people and companies behind the constant breakthroughs in patient care for the disabled, but also how the future of home care is changing.

Factors Homes Equipments Market

  1. Home Medical Equipment Market – Growth Trajectory

Global Home Medical Equipment Market Growing Rapidly To Reach 41.3 Billion USD By 2026 The increased need for these clearly demonstrates the need for modern medical equipment to improve patient care. This growth is driven by a number of factors including an ageing global population, rising levels of chronic disease and progress in medical technology.

  1. Emphasizing Mobility Aid Solutions

By 2024, the MedTech industry is focusing on Meeting demand for mobility aids for help-dependents Posted on: 06th September 2019 in News, Research News with 0 comments Print this article RSS By Lindsey Paul Per The needs of those in need of assistance have left their mark. Leading to positive patient outcomes, providing increased independence and mobility for patients, innovative mobility solutions are advanced wheelchairs, mobility scooters, ergonomic walkers.

Top Companies in the US DME Market

  1. Invacare Corporation

Invacare is a leading provider of home and long-term care medical products, from home medical equipment and mobility products to respiratory and palliative care products. Commitment to quality and innovation has placed them at the leading edge of the market. Invacare offers a complete range of products, to make and distribute power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, homecare beds and life enhancing equipment. For the range of needs of those with reduced mobility.

  1. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

One the list of prominent mobility products, respiratory equipment, and sleep therapy solutions manufacturer, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare is at the top. Their out-of-the-box approach and commitment to quality healthcare have given them a recognized name in the sector. Drive DeVilbiss – Drive DeVilbiss provides a broad base of products that are part of the continuum of care from wheelchairs and scooters to bariatric beds, CPAP devices and other sleep therapy equipment and advanced Central Infant Monitoring (CIM) systems.

Healthcare Brands and Innovations Changing Patient Care

  1. Emerging Brands in DME

As veteran brands continue to lead the market, new generation brands are also thriving and capturing potential markets through differentiations targeting selective service areas within home care medical equipment and durable medical equipment (DME) sector. These new kids are coming in with fresh eyes and creative answers for how we do patient care, usually incorporating the latest in technology and customer-focused design to target the exact areas we need to improve upon.

  1. Industry Disruptive, Comfort Enhancing Products

Check out how the wearable and telehealth, and sustainable medical device in MedTech are changing the way we care and live for the future of health and wellness. Technology is also changing the way that home care equipment is designed, with new devices like smart wearables that can track a user’s vital signs, telehealth services that allow patients to better connect with healthcare providers and new equipment with an eye to being more environmentally friendly.

Giving Patients with Disabilities More Control: Recent Trends in Assistive Technology

  1. 1 Need for Assistive Products Worldwide

At a time when more than 2.5 billion people globally use assistive products, the imperative to design innovations to better serve people with disabilities has never been greater In a new report co-authored by World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF), there is a cry for assistive technology that is simple and cheap to be made available to those in need.

  1. Hospital at Home Movement

Find out how the Hospital at Home (H@H) movement is revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare to deliver hospital-level care directly to the homes of acutely sick patients. This transformative effort makes it possible for those who require concentrated mobility aids and equipment care trapped within the four walls of a hospital to instead receive exceptional hospital-level healthcare right within their own community; even further – it is capable of not only saving our system of healthcare billions of dollars, but is highly successful in saving the life of the patient.

Conclusion: Innovation to Improve Patient Care

Technology and innovation are certainly changing the way we assist people with a wide range of healthcare needs and is making a big difference in the dynamic home care medical equipment and patient care solutions industrygetCurrent Post Together, we help to carve the path that leads to a world where personalizing a care is the standard of practice. Watch this space for ongoing health and medical equipment and patient care information as well as the professional delivery of improved health and well-being for all in home care and disability support services. Embracing these improvements ensures that we will be more prepared to handle the increasing requirements of patient care in 2024 and further.

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